Our Journey

This non-denominational move of God all started from a prophetic picture in June 2014.
This lead to the release of keys:

  • Intimacy with Jesus
  • Prayer
  • Presence of God
  • Promises of God
  • Hunger for more of God
  • Provision of God
  • Protection of God

All of this tied, tried and tested though the living Word of God and Holy Spirit.

“I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one”
John 17 Verse 22

Glory Mile has been prayerfully started through a prophetic picture and a series of prayer meetings. As we have pressed in God has spoken and continually opened doors. We will continue to remain humble and hunger for more of His Glory and presence to come and we are expectant for increase.

“I could see the Square Mile and on each corner was standing a huge golden angel with a staff and a bow. The angels are facing inwards and looking down where we meet, pray and call on God. Each time we do pray and call on the glory and presence of God these angels all thump their staffs on the ground shaking the city. They then raise their bows that are golden and tipped with our prayers and requests and they fire heavenwards. A little later the arrows come flying from heaven with what looks like a sphere of burning golden fire and glory. As they hit the square mile there is a mighty explosion of Holy fire and glory – the presence of God powerfully igniting the whole place . The Square Mile turned into the His Glory Mile. Reinforcements join quickly in unity and there is simply a roar of victory everywhere.”

Brian Smith: member of Eastgate ( formerly known as North Kent Community Church ), St Margarets Lothbury and St Mary Woolnoth


This transformation will occur by His Kingdom Coming in ever increasing glory on and through His people throughout the Square Mile. They key here is our hunger and desire to host the fullness of the presence of God so He overflows to those around us.

Glory Mile is non-denominational